David Osborne, .NET Application Developer

"Chris is a great colleague and a skilled worker. He is a genuine and warm person and would make a great addition to any technical team. I've known Chris for many years, and would not hesitate to recommend him.” September 15, 2011

Raymond Charles Elefaño, Software Developer

“Chris Walsh is an Intermediate Developer with a Senior skill set. His superb ability to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Maintain software shows throughout his work and daily routines.” December 3, 2009

Kyle Hodgson, Chief Technology Officer

“Very organized and possesing a strong sense of self discipline, Chris has a knack for moving projects forward on his own. His easy communication with both clients and co-workers, strong technology skills, and work ethic are a serious asset to any technology team. His technical skills are very strong, for instance the speed he picked up complex SQL procedural and set based concepts left my head spinning. In project after project working with Chris, I could trust him to build software that worked, even in complicated or turbulent projects, with a minimum of hand holding and always fantastic results.” November 28, 2009